On my father's side was my great-grandmother; the world renowned photographer - Bernice Kolko. On my mother’s side, my grandmother, a lifelong waitress - nurtured my spirit and taught me to cook at only three years old.
My grandfather, a restaurant cook.
It’s no wonder that I would spend a lifetime in love with and fascinated by food.
With a heritage steeped in culinary artistry and a profound love for the craft, I am committed to upholding this legacy. My goal is to capture the essence of delectable moments through visually compelling photographs that not only showcase the culinary experience but also narrate stories and elicit genuine emotions.


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Whether it's elevating the visual identity of your food blog or producing great food photography of your delicious dishes in restaurant, I excel in producing captivating images that leave a lasting impression. Connect with me, and let's bring your food story to life.
My unique style ensures no contrived setups or clichéd presentations – just sincere, authentic artistry to showcase the delectable narrative of your culinary journey.

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