It’s been nearly two weeks since I updated my DB&T.

I’ve been distracted. Trying to juggle the everyday routine while making it happen…

I’ve been trying new things to find out what works and what doesn’t for who I am and the approach I want to take toward this thing I’m after. Tracking everything has been exhausting. So exhausting that I haven’t wanted to pursue it.

When I started getting after it, I wasn’t really tracking anything and was using previous knowledge and how I felt as a guide to drop 30 pounds. Then I came across a challenge with a cash prize and thought that would be a powerful motivator to push even further. I tried to take the conventional approach as suggested by the company but had a very hard time utilizing their tools to keep me accountable in the way I was already having success. This actually stalled me out.

So I conformed to try it their way and very quickly learned that I would not be winning that competition. So I sought after more refining and got obsessed with tracking things like steps, calories, and macros even more to try and FORCE the methodology to take. Quickly no. I find it easy to go all in on things. Often to a fault so this is unsurprising.

I came into a new way of eating and felt pretty good about it, but still, I didn’t feel intrinsically just in this either. “This is too fucking complicated”, I declared. Patchworking together through different apps for accountability sucks. So I’ve taken the last 5 days or so to reevaluate what the most pressing problems Im trying to solve are, examine what I feel is the right course of action, and lay it all out before myself to develop a plan built specifically for MY needs. ( I am trained in this, after all, 😅)

I don’t need to track and calculate macros or calories if I just don’t eat like shit. As long as I follow my own guidelines of behavior, fat loss will happen. It’s a natural byproduct. I want my BP and BG in check? Stop trying to sneak carbs in because I’ve been stuck on “for energy” when I fucking know better.
It’s like by using these apps, I got taken out of listening to my body. So no more Fitbit. Steps don’t matter when you’re trying to go for time. I’d rather have an hour or more at certain HR than x amount of steps any day of the week. Distance is cool I guess but I don’t know that I care about that other than to “look what I did”.

Most of the app use is gone. Fitbit, MyFitnessPal/Macrofactor, and Google Fit to stitch everything in one place.

I’m sticking with two. Withings Health Mate (for my scale metrics) & Whoop. (for strain and recovery)

Speaking of Whoop, here’s a device and a month of service on me. (not sponsored)

So anyway, here’s the new plan. 3/10/23

Nutritional approach: Intermittent fasting | almost carnivore

I say almost bc it’s animal food-based, but I need to watch certain fats. Plus, I like my 0 carb tortillas/bread and zero-sugar bevs. This isn’t sustainable for a lot of people, but I really do well like this. I’m not a nazi about it either. If we’re out, I’ll enjoy what’s there, but stay low carb. Too much fiber is also a no-no for me. I disagree with the convention here big time. The difference in how I feel and perform is enough.

1/2 Gallon of water (outside of other drinks) a day minimum. I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t fucking need a gallon every day.

Supplementation: Fat burner | MV | Fish Oil | Greens | Protein | Magnesium (Current Supplements)

Training: Mostly unconventional. Focused on mobility, power, and connective tissue. I want to approach resistance training like play. I want to outpace my children, and then teach them to outpace me because they’re just better, not because I’m too fat and old. I say mostly because I do have certain aesthetic goals to reach as well. I also walk an hour a day. Nothing fancy, sometimes I’ll jog if Im feeling great… but usually just plain ol’ walking.

I have access to Anytime Fitness and soon a Powerhouse Gym. (Current Home Gym Equipment)

By Tom

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