Active Rest Day

Since this is the first run of posts on my new plan, this post will be a little different than just a food and training log. Let’s take the opportunity to address some of what I’m doing.

I’m currently following an Anabolic Fasting plan, put together by Cory G. While the info provided in this programming is paid and thus I won’t go into what exactly it entails, I will say that I’m allowed to be human for a couple of meals on weekends. This means my day has more carbs than usual (though still not crazy) and I disregard being strict as fuck. I still work my fasting window, and I still supplement as usual. I just to get to enjoy life as it comes.

Today I had steak for breakfast, 1.5 average-sized 🍕 slices & a full sugar Mtn Dew at lunch, and 🍔🍟 at dinner. (McD is because I have kids, don’t @ me. (p.s. did you know they have FRUTOPIA?!) I hate it so much I literally spit some of it out because I just couldn’t eat it. If I were tracking… which I’m definitely not 😉 I would know that I’m still below what conventional (yet still fully functional) fat loss methods (macro tracking) would tell me. I’ll have one more meal tomorrow (Saturday) that allows me some room, and back to strict programming on Sunday. Though truthfully, I may not even take the option.

As for training, well… Active rest day. This is by choice today.


Wake: Clean Burn (Kaged)

5 pm: L Carnitine w/ Fucoxanthin (1st Phorm)

Bed: L Carnitine w/Fucoxanthin (1st Phorm) | Med+Kit (Redcon1)


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