Nitro Cold Brew (Small / Black)

Whole Eggs | Turkey Sausage | Outlive 100 (Kaged)

Beef | Peas + Carrots

Beef | Turkey | Green Beans


Wake: Clean Burn (Kaged)

Noon: MED+KIT (Redcon1)

2pm: L Carnitine w/ Fucoxanthin (1st Phorm)

Bed: L Carnitine w/ Fucoxanthin (1st Phorm)


Arms (am and pm sessions)



10 Pages in Warrior Book

Reintroducing Of Mind & Muscle

It’s been a long time coming and I’m super happy to be creating a brand that focuses on helping others. When you’re obese/significantly overweight, there are a lot of challenges that most people don’t experience. When things like simply walking are complex, your mind betrays you. Venom creeps in and before you know it, you’ve talked yourself out of initiating positive habits before you even get out of the door (or off the couch). Coming from a sort of hollow place in your being, you have to first rebuild your mind. As you break through the anguish, your body starts to heal. The mind and the muscle start to realign in harmony. Working together in tandem for good. We start to set small goals… with the plan working we develop ourselves. We see results. Our goals grow bigger. We succeed. We never stop.

This brand represents taking control of your being. Getting there no matter what. And when you do…


By Tom

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