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I’m currently available for various kinds of work with a priority given to Product photography, 360 Virtual Tours + Real Estate, and Lifestyle/Brand projects.

Please get in touch with your project even if it doesn’t fit. If it’s cool-I’ll probably want in.




09/25/2020 in Life

Why I Love Barefoot Shoes (Vibram FiveFingers Classic)

That first walk was like getting reacquainted with my senses. It enabled me to start…
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07/18/2020 in Tech

5 Things I Want in the GoPro Hero 9

As September looms ever closer, just what can we expect to actually see in the…
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07/17/2020 in 360

Insta360 One R gets the first ND Filters for 360 Cameras

Freewell Pro is first! In another article I mentioned that the Insta360 One R was…
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07/17/2020 in 360

360 as Photography

360 imaging is capable of so much more than people expect. I think 360 is…
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